Below are a number of our most common requests. If you can't find what you're looking for, or have additional questions, please reach out using our General Inquiries form. 


Product Questions


How are your products made? All Boyd’s products - unless otherwise noted on the individual product listing - are made by hand out of our warehouse studio in San Antonio, Texas. 


How long will my products keep? Because Boyd's Eau de Parfum sprays are 100% natural, they will age in the bottle similar to wine. We're actively testing to see if there will be any "sweet spots" in the aging process - if there are, we'll be sure to let you know - but, if kept under the right conditions, they should continue to age and evolve over a number of years. 

For some of our other products, we recommend using the Face & Body Oils or Coffee Scrub within 1 year of opening the product, as our products do not contain synthetic preservatives.


How should I store my Natural Eau de Parfum spray? Our Eau de Parfums will go through an aging process similar to wines and spirits. For the most part, the same general rules apply: the cooler and darker the spot, the better. Just be sure to keep the bottles out of direct sunlight or areas that are particularly warm.


What is a natural eau de parfum? First, a perfume designated as an "Eau de Parfum" carries a (mostly) standardized percentage of fragrance. Generally speaking, the higher the percentage, the stronger and longer lasting the fragrance will be. Eau de Parfum sprays are usually somewhere between 10% - 20% scent. Our natural eau de parfums vary slightly, but are between 15-20%.

Additionally, our eau de parfums do not contain any synthetic ingredients. This is a choice we make based on the quality of ingredients we're able to source. Natural fragrances can interact with your skin, creating a scent completely unique to you.  


What is ‘scent-tethering’? To us, scent-tethering is a layering effect created by using multiple products within the same fragrance line. Each product interacts with the skin differently, so using multiples of the same scent helps increase the complexity and longevity of your personal fragrance.

As an example, we find that natural parfums will evolve on the skin better, and for a longer time, if you first moisturize using one of our oils. While the oil is still on the skin, spray the same scent of the eau de parfum on the spot you just moisturized. You can view our full scent collections here.


How long will my perfume last? This is a difficult question to answer. First, the skin chemistry of each individual can vary wildly. A perfume - whether it be natural or synthetic - could both smell differently and last for different lengths of time for multiple people. Second, natural parfums will likely interact differently for each individual even more so than synthetic versions, which can serve to heighten these differences.

Additionally, scent fatigue can also affect the users perception of the strength of a fragrance on their skin. In our experience, this is common. In the first few days, spraying the perfume once feels like more than enough for a strong scent that lasts hours. But over time, you naturally get used to wearing your fragrance and feel it is weakening. It likely isn't. 

For our Natural Eau de Parfum sprays, most users can expect their fragrance to evolve over a number of hours. We find that - on average - our scents usually evolve over periods of time of about 3-10 hours (and longer). Some users have reported still being able to smell a single spray from the previous day after waking up the next morning. 

To create a longer lasting scent - instead of simply spraying more - you can tether Boyd's products. People on-the-go may also want to carry a sample natural spray so you can refresh your fragrance throughout the day or during your transition from day to evening, with a much smaller dose.


Are natural perfumes safer than synthetics? Not necessarily. This is another question that deserves a more in-depth response.

We should start by saying something important: Not all synthetic materials used in perfumery are bad. Likewise, not all natural materials are "good". If used in a formula incorrectly or irresponsibly, some 100% natural materials can cause issues ranging from minor skin irritations to more serious skin problems and worse. Many synthetics are completely safe, as they are simply isolated compounds of the same chemicals that exist naturally within plant materials. 

The choice for us to use only natural ingredients for our products is just that - a personal choice and preference. We will undoubtedly never be able to create the incredibly interesting perfumes that smell like plastics or rubbers, or the some of the famous aldehydic creations. 

We, instead, choose to spend our time sourcing ingredients from suppliers around the world who we trust provide the highest quality natural materials available. Additionally - and although not mandated - we follow all IFRA fragrance standards when crafting our natural scents. This ensures international safety standards, which the U.S. does not enforce. We refrain from using ingredients that tend to cause allergic reactions in users, or cause bad headaches. 

Overall, we're more than happy to have a longer discussions about the techniques and ingredients used by perfumers, but that would likely run much, much longer than this FAQ section demands. 


How do I use the Face & Body Oil? Boyd's Face & Body Oils can be used on wet or dry skin for moisture and nourishment. We recommend massaging a few drops over clean facial skin morning and night for best results. For full body hydration, apply to damp skin just after showering. They can also be used over facial hair and as a post-shave treatment.


How do I use the Coffee Scrub? Boyd's Coffee Scrub is gentle enough to be used on face and body. We recommend rinsing off in the shower, then applying a few small palms of the scrub from head to toe. Gently massage the scrub to allow it to exfoliate, then let it sit on the skin for a few minutes so it can moisturize. The Coffee Scrub is for external use only and is recommended for use during a shower, rather than a bath.

Why are the soap bars two colors? Boyd's creates two types of bar soap for each fragrance we craft: a Natural Bar, and a Charcoal Bar. The natural bar soaps contain a gentle clay so they cleanse and also nourish the skin with extra moisture - perfect for normal, combination, or dry skin types. The charcoal bar soaps use activated charcoal to create an ultra deep cleansing experience, great for oily skin types and very hard workers.



Ordering, Shipping & Returns 


When will my order ship? We ship orders Monday-Friday and want to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Orders typically ship the next business day after the order was placed, and our team works to get shipments out same day if possible. If for any reason your order will be delayed, we will reach out to you directly. 


Do you ship internationally? We're working to add international shipping. At this time, please contact us using the contact form, or email us directly at, and we can work with you to figure out the best rates for international shipments.


What if the product is damaged during shipping? If products are damaged during shipping, please contact us using the contact form, or email us directly at so we can make it right.


Can I return or exchange products? Because of the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. But if you're unhappy for any reason, please let us know. 



Other Questions


Do you have discounts for weddings, events, or corporate gifts? Yes, we can provide multiple discounts depending on quantities needed. Please contact us using the contact form, or email us directly at, if you are interested in purchasing gifts.